What is WLCT96?

WLCT96 is a video streaming channel that provides live access to Wolcott events such as Town Meetings, Parades, Concerts, School Events, and Sporting Events. Most importantly, WLCT96 provides live access to the transparency of your local government at work.


  • 1994 - a fiber optic cable was installed in Wolcott Town Hall. Residents, for the first time, were able to watch Town Council and Planning and Zoning meetings live on the local cable TV system which, at the time, was Tele-Media Cable channel 21. An independent video producer provided cameras and necessary video equipment to feed the fiber optic cable. Only subscribers to Tele-Media Cable were able to watch these Wolcott meetings live or see the repeat replays.
  • 2008 - a video grant from the State of Connecticut was applied for, and with it, the Town of Wolcott obtained its own cameras and video mixing equipment. The equipment was installed in March 2009. However, the content being broadcast was still only available to viewers of the local cable system.
  • 2009 - Mayor Thomas Dunn requested that SKYE Cable 13, the Community Access Provider, to open a dialog asking for a Town Specific Programming Platform that could be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If granted, Wolcott would have had its own channel that contained Wolcott-only programming. SKYE declined the request and all subsequent requests for this access.2013 - On April 30, the Wolcott Grants Administrator applied to the State of Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) for a grant to cover two additional cameras for the Council Chambers, a new sound system with 10 microphones and an independent controller, am automated programming unit, an Internet streaming computer and a unit named NOMAD that sends live video over the Internet back to the streaming computer located at Town Hall for transmission to cable, U-Verse and the Internet.
  • 2013 - On September 1, WLCT96 began transmitting. At that time, Wolcott's Government Channel will be available to everyone with a computer anywhere in the world. In October, WLCT96 will also be transmitted on AT and T's U-Verse.


If you would like to comment on the Cable Community Access Provider, please Email Mr. Steven Mindera, Jr