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Mill Pond Way Walking Trail

The Town of Wolcott's Mill Pond Way is a 3.5-mile multi-use trail that winds around the 330-acre water body known as Scovill Reservoir. Within an area steeped in history, the trail was designed to pass through and along a diversity of cultural, historical, and natural landmarks that, to the keen observer, will provide interesting observational opportunities. Much of the trail is ADA-compliant.

It was intended that the design of the trail minimize the impact on the environment yet allow users to experience all there is to see and do in such a perfect location. As one walks the trail and takes the time to observe the surroundings, he/she will have expansive vistas of the reservoir and surrounding hills, experience the activities of the wildlife that abound, and find old stone walls, roads, and foundations that have withstood the testament of time and tell of those who once worked this land. Having 6 access locations that are clearly marked (look for the Mill Pond Way logo signs) one may take a short walk and return or trek the full loop of the trail that undulates gradually through deciduous and coniferous forests, over streams, along fields, past high functioning wetlands, and near the reservoir's edge.

Those who wish to use the trail may engage in a myriad of activities. One may walk, run, bicycle, sit on one of the many benches that are strategically placed for comfort and views or just take a relaxing stroll and take all of nature in. Motorized vehicles and horse riding are not permitted. Fishing is allowed outside of the conservation area in designated locations along the shore for licensed fishermen. It should be remembered that all users of the trail are expected to adhere to the rules that are posted at each entry point.

Access Points: Boundline Road parking area, Munson Road parking lot, Wolf Hill Road Parking area, the Scovill Recreation Area parking lot, the parking area at the end of Scovill Road, and the parking lot behind St. Pius X church. *Note: much of the trail is ADA-compliant.

Thank you to Rob Pierpont for providing the photo.