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Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Chestnut Hill Reservoir is located in the western section of town and covers approximately 65 acres. Also known as Lyman's Pond, it was constructed to control the flow of water into Waterbury's brass mills. This land was part of an early Tunxis Indian hunting ground and many arrowheads have been found here. The land was originally a large swampland called Ash Swamp.

Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a great place to bring a row boat, canoe, or kayak. It is a "carry-in only" waterway as defined by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (Deep) which means that no motors of any type are allowed and only watercraft that can be carried by one or two persons are permitted.

Boating on Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a great way to enjoy this beautiful body of water.

Please take note of the following regarding boating on Chestnut Hill Reservoir:

  • Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a "carry-in only" waterway. As per the CT Department of Environmental Protection:

    • "Carry-in only" refers to a body of water that does not have a boat launch where a watercraft must be manually carried in to launch
    • "Carry-in" watercraft refers to small watercraft that can be easily carried in by one or two people (i.e. rowboat, canoe, or kayak)
  • No motors of any kind (including electric) are allowed on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • Rowboats, canoes, or kayaks are the only watercraft allowed on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • No watercraft shall be moored on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • No watercraft is to be stored on Town-owned property that surrounds these bodies of water which is 50' from the full-water level

Access Points: Lyman Rd