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Friends of the Wolcott Public Library
Link: Wolcott Public Library
The Friends help to expand the Wolcott Library’s offerings. The museum pass program allows citizens with a library card to visit a broad range of attractions. The Friends also provide materials for the Books for Babies program. In addition to books, CDs, and computer supplies, we have made major purchases for the children’s room, storage, and display cabinets, furniture, the murals on the walls of the meeting rooms and the large media return box. Funding depends upon three book sales a year as well as membership dues and donations. Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of most months at 12:30PM. For more info, call the library at 203-879-8110.
Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association
Wolcott, CT 06716
Link: Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association
The Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association Inc. is a membership organization of property owners around Hitchcock Lake. Hitchcock Lake is located on Southington Mountain in the southern part of Wolcott. The lake community is home to approximately 350 families. The HLIA is responsible for the management of the Lake which is owned by the Wolcott Land Conservation Trust. The HLIA maintains a Community Development Committee to oversee the social and community events of the association.
Wolcott Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA)
Link: Wolcott CASA
Wolcott Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA) is an organization that is comprised of citizens in both the public and private sectors of the community. We work together with our membership and local civic organizations to increase protective factors within the community to reduce substance abuse and increase wellness. By maintaining a public awareness of the truth and dangers of drugs, prevention has a positive effect on children, teens, families, schools, businesses, and communities. The CASA strives to carry out substance abuse prevention efforts in Wolcott and to empower community members to recognize the worth of constant and continued prevention.
Wolcott Crossroads
Link: Wolcott Cross Roads
The mission of Wolcott Crossroads is to unite our community and create new ways and ideas to combat drug use affecting our youth and provide support for families. Wolcott Crossroads recognizes an epidemic of drugs exists in our, and other communities. We are an all-volunteer group of concerned citizens who work collaboratively with dedicated helpers and community partners, to deliver education and resources to the town of Wolcott and surrounding areas. Because of the complexity of drug addiction, this problem needs to be addressed on all levels. We only ask that it be done with open hearts and open minds.
Wolcott Historical Society
Link: Wolcott History
The purpose of the Wolcott Historical Society is to discover, procure and preserve whatever may relate to civil, military, literacy, and ecclesiastical history and biography in general, and especially with references to the Town of Wolcott; to investigate and preserve such traditions as now exist only in the memory of aged persons; to procure and maintain collections in archeology, art, and of the natural history of Wolcott and the surrounding country, and in general to encourage study, research, particularly that relating to local history, biography, antiquities, and to disseminate information relative thereto.
Wolcott Land Conservation Trust
Link: Wolcott Land Conservation Trust
The Wolcott Land Conservation Trust is Wolcott’s own local land trust dedicated to the preservation of natural open space. We believe that the preservation of open space is essential to maintaining the natural, healthy, and rural character of our town. The WLCT is a purely volunteer-based organization that depends entirely on community support and involvement. The WLCT currently owns eight properties within the Town of Wolcott: The Hitchcock Lakes The Midwood Avenue Property The Simon Drive Properties The 61-acre Finch Brook Preserve The Russell Preserve The MacCormack Drive property on the Mad River The Forest Lane Property The Garrigus Court Property
1 - 6 of 6 Listings