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Virtual Exercise Classes

We offer four free virtual exercise classes for our Seniors. Call us at 203-879-8133 and we can help you get connected to any of these virtual classes.

“Fitness Fury’s Strength, Flex and Tone with Susan”
This is a fantastic class if you are looking for an all-around exercise class focusing on flexibility, endurance and strength, along with the dose of companionship and humor! This class meets virtually every Monday morning at 11 AM. You will need a chair, weights, band/tube, small ball and of course, lots of water!

“Get Fit & Trim with Kim”
This is a program that works the entire body. A combination of stretching moves with strength training using hand weights, resistance bands, balls and also balance exercises. (If you do not have this equipment, we can loan it to you!) The exercises could be done standing or sitting, so people of all levels can benefit. The class also teaches the art of hand reflexology. Reflexology promote circulation and distresses the body by touching pressure points on the hands. Do you have the ability to help yourself feel good and provide some TLC to yourself. Hand charts are provided. The goal is for each participant to practice this holistic healing to themselves daily. Check out the class and have fun moving with us! Remember “Motion is Lotion” for our bodies! The class is instructed virtually every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 AM to approximately 11:15 AM.

“Yoga4Change Yoga4Seniors with Chaucey”
This is a great program delivered by instructors trained in the silver age yoga curriculum. Our offering as a chair-based, group yoga class delivered in our community and others. Our program has been demonstrated to boost resilience, balance, strength and flexibility. Join us for an accessible, impactful class. Freely offered from the heart. Chaucey’s class meets virtually every Saturday morning at 10 AM.

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