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Town Charter & Ordinances

The Town of Wolcott Town Charter is available for your review by clicking here.

All Town Ordinances are available for review in the Town Clerk’s office.

At this time, the majority of the Town Ordinances are in hardcopy (i.e. paper) format only, and are therefore not available to be viewed on the web. Any Town Ordinances which are available in electronic format have been posted here for your convenience. As more Town Ordinances become available in electronic format, they will be added to this web page.

Ordinance 90 An Ordinance Providing Additional Property Tax Ememption for Veterans…
Ordinance 91 An Ordinance Redefining and Clarifying the Powers and Duties of the Board of Ethics
Ordinance 92 Ordinance Concerning Delinquent Taxes and Denial of Permits, Town Contracts…
Ordinance 93 Business Incentive Tax Abatement Ordinance
Ordinance 94 Flood Plain Management Ordinance
Ordinance 95 An Amended Ordinance Prohibiting Abandoned Inoperable and Unregistered Vehicles…
Ordinance 96  Create & Join the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments
Ordinance 97 Illicit Discharge & Connection Ordinance

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