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Pay Taxes or Water/Sewer Bills

You can now view and pay your real estate, motor vehicle and personal property tax bills on line. You also have an option to pay your Sewer/Water bill. See below

Water and Sewer Bill options

Call Tax Dept at 203-879-8100 ext 4 to pay sewer or water by phone with a credit or debit card. There is a fee to pay with a credit card of 2.75% or you can utilize “bill pay” with your Banking Institution.

Viewing tax bills

You will be asked to provide very basic information in order for a lookup to occur. If you input too much information the computer will probably not be able to find your bills. Just provide last name, and hit search.  Your results will then be displayed on your computer screen. You can also print or save the information into a file on your computer if desired. You can use the link for pay taxes online to view your bills.

Paying tax bills

You can register to pay your bills on line. Please note that there is a $1.00 fee for this service. 

Have your account information ready, ie account numbers and routing numbers.  The first time you make a payment you must register with Webster Bank, after that you will be able to log on with your own identity and password.

Follow the prompts to make your online payment:

  • Click online inquiry
  • Click I agree for terms and conditions
  • Input last name and/or property address
  • Select bill and click on green arrow to make payment
  • You can pay more than one bill per transaction by clicking on add another bill
  • Click on make payment now
  • Click view pending payments
  • Click submit payments  

If you need assistance or have any questions call Darlene Tynan at the Tax Collector’s Office 203-879-8100 or you can email her directly at dtynan@wolcottct.org

If you are ready to start, just click on the image below:

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