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Election 2020

Registering to Vote
October 27th is the deadline to register in person, mail and online. The Registrar’s office will be open until 8:00PM.

Election Day Registration (EDR) is available on 11/3 from 6:00AM-8:00PM in the Registrar’s office at Town Hall (10 Kenea Ave.)

Voting in Person – Tuesday November 3, 2020
Hours: 6:00AM-8:00PM 
District 1 — Tyrell Middle School
District 2 — Wolcott High School
District 3 — Wakelee Elementary School

Masks & Identification Required
Whether registering to vote, or arriving at one of the polling places on election day, there are two requirements:
1. You must be wearing a mask.
2. You must provide identification. Acceptable forms of identification include:
– a driver’s license or other photo ID
– a US passport
– a preprinted form of ID (e.g. tax bill, utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, social security card or other government-issued document showing your name and address, or a document that shows your name and signature such as a credit card).

Contact the Registrar’s office at 203-879-8100 x116

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