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Current Programs

The Town of Wolcott offers a variety of recreational programs to its residents. The programs offered change depending upon the season. Check back often to get the most current list of programs being offered. Current programs are:

  • 2021 Summer Playground Program – Click here for the brochure containing a schedule of activities.
  • 2021 Summer Concert Series – Click here for the full schedule containing dates and locations of 11 free concerts.
  • 2021 Skyhawks Youth Sports Skill-based Programs – Click here for the brochure containing dates and program costs

Peterson Park Information

Peterson Park has over 65 acres of open space and forests. It boasts the beginning of the Mattatuck Trail, one of Connecticut’s finest hiking trails. This 35 mile trail extends in a northwesterly direction to Mohawk Mountain in the Town of Cornwall where it joins the Appalachian Trail.

There is a large picnic grove with many picnic tables and two pavilions available to accommodate various sized gatherings. The upper pavilion is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for parties of 10 or less only. It cannot be reserved, and there are no fees or permits needed. The lower pavilion is 2,400 square feet and can be subdivided into two 1,200 square foot areas. A permit is required to use the lower pavilion.

If you are the active type, Peterson Park has something for everyone:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Rollerblading
  • Skate Park
  • Walking Trails (paved) around the park’s open space

There are also two large play areas for the younger members of your family. Each play area has a playscape that can accommodate different age levels of children.

Peterson Park
123 Mad River Rd.
Wolcott, CT 06716
(203) 879-8100 (ask for Mickie Fell)

Peterson Park Fees

Use of most facilities at Peterson Park are no cost. One of the two pavilions, the lower pavilion, does require a permit and has a usage fee. This recently built 2,400 square foot pavilion can be used in its entirety or can be sub-divided into two 1,200 square foot spaces.

The fees are:

  • Residents: $50.00 for one side / $100.00 for both sides
  • Non-Residents: $75.00 for one side / $150.00 for both sides

In order to reserve the lower pavilion, please contact Town Hall at (203) 879-8100 and ask for Mickie Fell.

Woodtick Recreation Area Information

The Woodtick Recreation Area consists of two separate sections, a beach area and a pavilion area. These are described below.

Woodtick Recreation Area
201 Nichols Road (off of RT69)
Wolcott, CT 06716
Pavilion Rentals – 203-879-6903

Come spend a nice sunny day on our large sandy beach and enjoy the swimming area with a slide, raft and safe children’s area. You’re sure to keep busy with volleyball, basketball and a playground area for kids. When your ready for something to eat, take advantage of our large picnic area with grills or enjoy our expansive selection at the Snack Bar.

Annual Opening/Closing:
Each year, the beach opens at the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and closes at the end of Labor Day weekend.

Daily Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sat-Sun & Holidays: 9:00AM – 7:00PM

Admission for the beach is very reasonable, and parking is FREE. Different rates apply for residents verses non-residents.

If you are having an event, birthday, anniversary party, reunion or just a get together with friends, consider the Pavilion at the Woodtick Recreation Area. You’ll find everything you need to make your event a success:

  • lighted pavilion
  • 3 horseshoe pits
  • volleyball court
  • bocci court
  • large grass area for games
  • cooking facilities
  • picnic tables
  • restrooms
  • FREE parking

In addition, our beach area is just a short walk away when you area ready to cool off. Separate admission prices apply.

The Pavilion is rented on a first-come, first-served basis, so call 203-879-6903 to book your date with us early.

Woodtick Recreation Area Fees

The following is the fee schedule for the Woodtick Recreation Area:

Click here for a printable version of the fee schedule.


General Admission:

Weekdays Weekends/Holidays
Wolcott Residents* $3.00 $4.00
Non-Residents* $6.00 $8.00

* Children under 3 are FREE

Season Passes:

Single Family
Wolcott Residents $75.00 $150.00
Non-Residents $150.00 $300.00


Single-day Rentals:

Monday-Thursday Friday-Sunday All Town – Non-Profit
Wolcott Residents $300.00 $400.00 $275.00

Woodtick Reservoir Information

The Woodtick Reservoir, often referred to as Scovill’s Reservoir, is a large man-made pond covering approximately 121 acres. It was constructed in 1917 and was originally associated with the prominent Scovill Manufacturing Company, which needed large amounts of water to produce brass.

Today, the Woodtick Reservoir is home to a variety of fish and is stocked twice annually by the CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This year 1,400 fish were released, some before opening day of fishing season and some during the season. A popular fishing destination, the Woodtick Reservoir can be accessed from the shore in a variety of locations such as the bridge on Munson Road, near the walking trial on Wolf Hill Road or by the main entrance located at the end of Scovill Road (located opposite the corner of Woodtick Road and Todd Road).

Woodtick Reservoir is also a popular location for canoes, kayaks and small boats. A public boat launch is available at the main entrance at the end of Diamond Terrace. There is an electric-motor only restriction on Woodtick Reservoir.

Woodtick Reservoir Boating

Boating on Woodtick Reservoir is a great way to enjoy this beautiful body of water.

Please take note of the following regarding boating on Woodtick Reservoir:

  • Woodtick Reservoir has a boat launch for your convenience
  • Only electric motors are allowed on Woodtick Reservoir
  • Sailboats are prohibited on Woodtick Reservoir
  • No watercraft shall be moored on Woodtick Reservoir
  • No watercraft is to be stored on Town-owned property that surrounds these bodies of water which is 50′ from the full-water level

Chestnut Hill Reservoir Information

Chestnut Hill Reservoir is located in the western section of town and covers approximately 65 acres. Also known as Lyman’s Pond, it was constructed to control the flow of water into Waterbury’s brass mills. This land was part of an early Tunxis Indian hunting ground and many arrowheads have been found here. The land was originally a large swampland called Ash Swamp.

Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a great place to bring a row boat, canoe or kayak. It is a “carry-in only” waterway as defined by the CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which means that no motors of any type are allowed and only watercraft that can be carried by one or two persons are permitted.

Chestnut Hill Boating

Boating on Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a great way to enjoy this beautiful body of water.

Please take note of the following regarding boating on Chestnut Hill Reservoir:

  • Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a “carry-in only” waterway. As per the CT Department of Environmental Protection:
    • “Carry-in only” refers to a body of water that does not have a boat launch where a watercraft must be manually carried in to launch
    • “Carry-in” watercraft refers to small watercraft that can be easily carried in by one or two people (i.e. row boat, canoe or kayak)
  • No motors of any kind (including electric) are allowed on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • Row boat, canoe or kayak are the only watercraft allowed on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • No watercraft shall be moored on Chestnut Hill Reservoir
  • No watercraft is to be stored on Town-owned property that surrounds these bodies of water which is 50′ from the full-water level

Farmingbury Hills Golf Course Information

Farmingbury Hills, the former Chase Country Club, is a 9-hole course situated on 85 acres atop Southington Mountain. With views of both Meriden and Avon mountains, this beautiful municipal facility is a professionally groomed competitive course. With a new club house and public restaurant facility completed in 2000, we offer both excellent golf and fine dining.

Golf.com’s profile of Farmingbury Hills had this to say:

This scenic course features a beautiful view of Apple Valley. There are mature trees lining all the fairways and the surrounding area. There are even some apple trees on the grounds. The terrain is hilly, so expect many uneven lies in the fairways. Additionally, the small greens are well manicured and fast. There are additional tees that can be used when playing an eighteen hole round.”

Come enjoy Farmingbury Hills soon. All are welcome!

Farmingbury Hills Golf Course
141 East St.
Wolcott, CT 06716
(203) 879-8038

Dog Park – Information

127 Mad River Road

The Town of Wolcott built a dog park next to Peterson Park. There are approximately 1500 licensed dogs in town and clearly a need for a safe area for our dogs to exercise and socialize.The park features two play areas. A smaller play area for smaller or timid dogs. A larger play area where any size dog is allowed. Both play area’s have a double gate entry to ensure safety for you and your pet. Some benefits of a dog park are:

  • Provides a safe, fenced-in area for dogs to socialize and exercise – allows dogs to run off leash.
  • Good family activity
  • Happy, healthy and well exercised dogs are calmer & better behaved, reducing nuisance barking and other annoying behaviors exhibited by un-exercised dogs.

Please visit our web site at www.wolcottdogpark.org or visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/WolcottDogPark

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my dog run around off leash? 

Yes. Once inside the gated/fenced area, you can take your dog off of its leash and allow it to run freely.

Will the dog park be supervised?  

No. It will be up to the users of the dog park to police it and make sure that the rules are being followed by other users.

Where is the dog park be located?

The dog park is located at 127 Mad River Rd., Wolcott, CT

What hours of the day is the dog park open?

The dog park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Must my dog be licensed and vaccinated to enjoy the dog park?

Yes, all dogs must be licensed and properly vaccinated. if your dog is not licensed, and you are a Wolcott resident, you can contact the Town Clerk’s Office ALL dogs licenses are due to renew in JUNE. For the safety of your pet, to be in compliance with Connecticut State Law, and to avoid late fees and fines, we encourage you to license your dog(s) within the month of June.

For your convenience, you may mail in your request to renew your Dog License(s). All mail-in requests will be processed and the tags will be mailed back to you in the self-addressed stamped envelope that you provide after June 1st. You will need to provide the following:

Dog License Fees (Sec. 22-338 thru 22-352) Neutered Male, Spayed Female $8.00*

Male, Female 19.00*

Late licensing penalty (per month) $1.00

Transfer of Ownership (if already issued) $1.00

Lost Tag $ .50

*There is a $1 late fee per month per dog.

10 Tag Kennel: $51.00 ($50.00 plus $.10 per tag for 10 tags)

20 Tag Kennel: $102.00 ($100.00 plus $.10 per tag for 20 tags)

Can I bring my puppy to the dog park?

Puppies under 4 months of age should not be brought to the dog park. At this young age, they have not received all of their vaccinations. They should be kept away from the dog park for their own protection and that of other dogs.

Can I bring my young children to the dog park?

We strongly recommend you do not bring young children to the dog park. Young children, especially running children, may be regarded as prey animals by strange dogs. Dogs may also feel the urge to protect children they know. This tends to cause aggressive behavior.

Am I limited to the number of dogs I can bring to the dog park during one visit?

You must be able to have all your dogs within sight and under voice control, therefore we recommend not bringing more than 3 dogs per adult. It  could become unmanageable if you have more than 3 dogs.

Why are female dogs in heat not allowed in the dog park?

Female dogs in heat can cause aggression in male dogs. Also, females in heat should be kept at home in order to prevent unwanted puppies.

Can I bring food and drink into the dog park?

No. Food and drink are not allowed in the dog park as it can prompt aggressive behavior between dogs.


Donations will be used to help with the dog park development.

Paver Donation Program

A unique walkway will wind through the Wolcott Dog Park made of personalized brick pavers. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these pavers, please complete the form by clicking the link below. Mail a copy of the form with a check made payable to:

Wolcott Dog Park
PO Box 6417
Wolcott, CT 06716

Click here to display the Paver Form