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Charter Revision Commission

On June 24, 2021, the Charter Revision Commission completed its work and prepared a draft of the revised version of the Town’s Charter. A decision to adopt these revisions was put to a Town-wide vote on November 2, 2021. The Town residents who voted on this referendum voted to approve the proposed changes.

Information regarding the date/time of the referendum and links to various supporting documents can be found below.

Notice to Town Clerk of Referendum
Town of Wolcott Proposed Charter (includes markups to easily see the changes)
REFERENDUM Legal Notice – Published 08/09/2021 in the Waterbury Republican American newspaper
Resolution #466 – Submit Charter Revisions to Referendum

Town of Wolcott Charter – Effective 01/01/2022


On February 2, 2021, the Wolcott Town Council adopted Resolution #457 to appoint seven individuals to serve as members of the Wolcott Charter Revision Commission. These members are:

  • Dennis Cleary (R)
  • Patricia Najarian (R)
  • Angela Sanna (R)
  • Ryan Pawlak (R)
  • Robert Ficeto (D)
  • Ken Wilson (U)
  • Nicole Smart (U)

The Commission shall draft amendments to the existing Wolcott Charter as it determines to be necessary for the efficient, orderly and appropriate operations of the Town Government, and to prepare and submit, in a timely manner, its draft report to the Town Clerk, but in no event later than sixteen (16) months from the date this resolution was adopted.

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