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CCGP Grant for Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake Dam and Roadway Improvements and Installation of Sidewalk

In 2010 the Town of Wolcott received a STEAP grant for the installation of a sidewalk on the crest of Cedar Lake Dam.    In order to construct the sidewalk the Town had to submit an application for a DEEP Permit which is required for any modifications to a Dam in the State of Connecticut.

In order to install the sidewalk the dam had to be modified to meet current DEEP standards. Specifically, the DEEP required modifications to the dam which included: replacement of a failing stone masonry culvert; creating an auxiliary outlet structure to accommodate larger storm events, such as the 100 and 500-year storms; and installing toe drains to address the dam’s history of seepage.  After making such modifications the crest of the dam will be widened to accommodate the construction of a concrete sidewalk. 

As the proposed modifications exceeded the original STEAP grant amount the Town submitted and received a grant of $250,000 from the DOT under the Community Connectivity Grant program which will provide the necessary funds to complete modifications to the dam and construction of the sidewalk.

Invitations to bid for this project will be issued during the week of June 1, 2020.  Subject to weather and othere limitations,  construction is proposed to start in August and be completed by November.  The contractor will be required to the extent possible, to have one lane of traffic available.  However during installation of culverts in the roadway, the roadway may be closed as much as a week.  Notifications of road closures will be posted in the local newspaper and on this website. 

The plans for the proposed project can be observed at Town Hall, (subject to COVID 19 limitations).  Any questions regarding the project should be directed to Mark Possidento P.E. Wolcotts’ Consultant Town Engineer at 860 620 3933  or at mcphrp@att.net.

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