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Air Quality

June 7, 2023

Due to the Canadian wildfires, air quality is extremely poor. Wolcott residents, especially seniors and those with respiratory issues, should limit their time and activities outdoors. If you must be outdoors, it is recommended that you wear an N95 mask.

The Town of Wolcott is providing N95 masks to those who need them. They are available in the lobbies at Town Hall and the Police Department. They are also available at the Senior Center.

Maura Esposito, Director at Chesprocott Health District issued the following statement:

The air quality is mostly unhealthy and comes with strong recommendations for our communities. While most residents who have respiratory or asthma issues should avoid outdoor activities I’m very concerned about people who may trigger these unknown health concerns due to the unhealthy air quality. I have recommended avoiding outdoor activities if possible for today as the weather forecast is poor.

Most youth sports and interscholastic sports have been cancelled or postponed today, June 7, 2023.

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