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Town Clerk - Dog License

ALL dogs licenses are due to renew in JUNE.   For the safety of your pet, to be in compliance with Connecticut State Law, and to avoid late fees and fines, we encourage you to license your dog(s) within the month of June.

For your convenience, you may mail in your request to renew your Dog License(s).  All mail-in requests will be processed and the tags will be mailed back to you in the self-addressed stamped envelope that you provide after June 1st.  You will need to provide the following:

 Dog License Fees (Sec. 22-338 thru 22-352)

Neutered Male, Spayed Female $8.00*
Male, Female 19.00*

Late licensing penalty (per month) $1.00

Transfer of Ownership (if already issued) $1.00

Lost Tag $ .50

*There is a $1 late fee per month per dog.

10 Tag Kennel: $51.00 ($50.00 plus $.10 per tag for 10 tags)
20 Tag Kennel: $102.00 ($100.00 plus $.10 per tag for 20 tags)