Dog Park - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my dog run around off leash? 

Yes. Once inside the gated/fenced area, you can take your dog off of its leash and allow it to run freely. 

Will the dog park be supervised?  

No. It will be up to the users of the dog park to police it and make sure that the rules are being followed by other users.  

Where will the dog park be located?

The dog park will be located at 127 Mad River Rd., Wolcott, Ct

What hours of the day will the dog park be open?

The dog park will be opened from sunrise to sunset.

Will my dog need to be licensed and vaccinated to enjoy the dog park?

Yes, all dogs must be licensed and properly vaccinated. if your dog is not licensed, and you are a Wolcott resident, you can contact the Town Clerk's Office or click here for licensing information. 

Can I bring my puppy to the dog park?

Puppies under 4 months of age should not be brought to the dog park. At this young age, they have not received all of their vaccinations. They should be kept away from the dog park for their own protection and that of other dogs.

Can I bring my young children to the dog park?

We strongly recommend you do not bring young children to the dog park. Young children, especially running children, may be regarded as prey animals by strange dogs. Dogs may also feel the urge to protect children they know. This tends to cause aggressive behavior.

Am I limited to the number of dogs I can bring to the dog park during one visit?

You must be able to have all your dogs within sight and under voice control, therefore we recommend not bringing more than 3 dogs per adult. It  could become unmanageable if you have more than 3 dogs.

Why are female dogs in heat not allowed in the dog park?

Female dogs in heat can cause aggression in male dogs. Also, females in heat should be kept at home in order to prevent unwanted puppies.

Can I bring food and drink into the dog park?

No. Food and drink are not allowed in the dog park as it can prompt aggressive behavior between dogs.